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SNAP: Bambara Restaurant

We know we cheer these folks on a lot, but given all that they do for our community and the community at large, we figure they’re worth another paragraph — especially now that they’ve won a community service award from the National Restaurant Association. Bambara’s commitment to helping people with AIDS and low-income women and its championing of local, sustainable (and delicious!) food are laudable, and it’s high time this restaurant received some more national recognition for its hard work and good cooking. Here’s hoping they’ll bring home the National Restaurant Neighbor Award this September.

SLAP: Pride Center Vandals

Whether it was the work of some bored kids or a nasty anti-gay person, it goes without saying that the vandalism of the Café Marmalade sign at the Utah Pride Center has made people angry, and even afraid. Yet, as awful, wasteful and flat-out mean-spirited this incident was, there’s just something pathetic about a tagger who spells “FAGS” as “FAG”S.” Salt Lake City Police: If you catch this person, can remedial grammar be part of his or her community service project? Or maybe having to write out “I will not misuse quotation marks” 4,000 times before having to clean the entire Pride Center from office to café? Hey, if someone’s going to act like a grade schooler, why not treat them like one?


Northern Utah just keeps surprising us this year. First it was Logan passing a gay and transgender-inclusive ordinance, and Ogden considering one. Now it’s a PFLAG group forming in Layton, a city that isn’t exactly known for being a bastion of gay and transgender rights activism. That said, the chapter’s founding just goes to show that more Utahns are warming up to the idea that people should be treated with respect and care regardless of their sexual orientations or gender identities. Bravo to the courageous parents who started this chapter — Utah’s fourth! — and may their doors be flooded with members and supporters.

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