Utah Rox Wins International Mr. Olympus Leather Title

Utah Rebellion organizer Utah Rox earned the title of International Mr. Olympus Leather 2010 at the International Mr. and Ms. Olympus Leather contest held in Los Angeles.

The contest was created to “promote a positive image of the Leather lifestyle,” according to its statement of purpose. “It is our belief that the Leather community is comprised of an extremely diverse group of people ranging from the motorcycle and Leather/Levi clubs to the heaviest SM edge player and all of the Leatherfolk in between. The Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather title seeks to make all Leatherfolk feel good about themselves regardless of race, religion, political beliefs, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, size, handicap, or health condition. It is the goal of Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather to make all those who wish to be a part of the Leather community feel welcome in doing so.”

Contestants competed in four categories — interview, fantasy, fetish image and stage presence. During the fantasy category, contestants staged a 5- to 7-minute erotic production, involving judges, other contestants and the audience.

Rox is a retired police officer and law enforcement educator who now works full time as a BDSM and leather lifestyle educator.

He is a graduate of the Journeyman III Academy, a BDSM school which closed in 2009.

He also is the key organizer of Utah Rebellion, Head Master of Salt Lake’s BDSM201 Intermediate educational series, and is an administrator of and presenter coach for the Path 101 BDSM Group. He has taught at several clubs as well as major events such as Thunder in the Mountains, Maui Kink in Hawaii, DomCon Los Angeles, and DomCon Atlanta.

Rox won the title of Mr. Rocky Mountain Olympus Leather in April at the first annual Rocky Mountain Olympus Leather Competition held in Salt Lake City, making him eligible to compete in the international competition. RMOL is a regional leather group which covers Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

Sythen of Salt Lake City was named runner-up for the International Ms. Olympus Leather 2010 at the event.

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