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Assessment of Things to Come

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It may have nothing to do with going out on a Friday night, but the Q Business Alliance will surely never let anyone down in refreshments and connections.

This network for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender business owners is up and running. With so many gay-owned corporations, small businesses, sole proprietorships and independent agents, its monthly events are sure to be worth marking on your calendar.

Membership in the alliance includes monthly breakfasts, after work socials, service guide ads, online exposure through QSaltLake.com, newsletters, swag bags and much more. Please don’t hesitate to look for more information at QSaltLake.com/QBA.

Now, onto Salt Lake City’s nightlife. Lately, I have gone out much more than the average individual, and surprisingly the usual hangout spots are flourishing whereas new up-and-comers are struggling a bit to gain headway. Our thirst for social networking and throwing back a few cocktails with friends and foes hasn’t diminished, so why the lack in popularity?

Pure, as usual, does seem to be the populated place on Friday nights. But the issue is, they are populated around midnight, and that is frankly past my bedtime. Why is this? Can we as a community not make it to a large club before p.m. turns to a.m.?

As I previously mentioned, JAM continues to be the go-to place for starting an evening whether it be a Thursday, Saturday or a Friday. The change, however, is people are staying at JAM later and later and the urge to party-hop is lowering in popularity with the number of DUIs going up and temperatures coming down.

Thus, JAM continues to reign supreme in being consistent, accommodating and frankly the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender “Cheers” of Salt Lake.

On a Saturday night, deciding where to go can be quite a production — Babylon, Edge, JAM, The Trapp, Try-Angles, Studio 27? So many decisions, and honestly they are all great in their own way. But still, some are struggling.

Basically, I feel Friday night is truly dominated by two establishments. And for the most part, other lounges, clubs and bars seem fine with that, yet they fight for top slot on Saturday night. This is evident in Babylon’s recent advertising of  “Legendary Saturdays” and marketing a once-great past and promoting a bright future. So how has it come that Friday has been acceptably taken over (to an extent) and Saturday is the new fighting ground?

It may be hard to swallow, but we have a lot of places to go, and for the most part they are all known. It comes down to preference and honestly, where the friends are.

Does the group want to travel north from south and pay for parking and wait in lines, or quickly get off the freeway, park and walk right in where a drink is inevitably waiting? It’s hard to tell for sure, but it seems that convenience is truly where the success is coming from.

I say, go off the beaten path and explore new bars and clubs. Try out Studio 27 and watch their drag shows from the comfort of an exotic environment. Go to The Trapp and enjoy a back patio experience with a cocktail in a jar. Dance the night away at Edge (or people-watch, your choice).

Regardless of what you do, only we, the “consumer” can change trends. Now, do the trends need to be changed? No, but it would be nice if somehow the distribution could become even across a weekend so all the establishments supporting us are supported back. Just food for thought.

Anyway, here are some things to look forward to: U of U Pride Week (oh the college boys, how they stir things up), World AIDS Day and (I may be jumping the gun here) Sundance Film Festival! We all love a good party in Park City.

See you all out and about.

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