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SNAP: U of U Pride Week

Granted, we’re always excited to see what the University of Utah cooks up every fall for its celebration of Utah’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. But this year’s events have left us wide-eyed and overjoyed. Three film screenings—one of which addresses issues facing a minority population that many of Utah’s queer population are also part of. A lecture by Reed Cowan. A performance by local artists including the brilliant Ely Shipley. Oh. And did we mention that the pet pageant will return for another year, much to the embarrassment of cats, dogs, birds, geckos and any other animal that can be crammed into a cute costume? You don’t want to miss this year’s celebration, especially if you were wowed, as we were, by Lt. Dan Choi’s speech last year.

SLAP: Scott Bradley and Mike Lee

The U.S. military’s policy is a lumbering dinosaur being kept alive by filibustering and the unadulterated homophobia of the Senate members who support Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Sadly, two of those dinosaurs are Utah Senate hopefuls, Scott Bradley and Mike Lee. During a recent debate between with Democratic candidate Sam Granato, Lee said that his campaign’s “panel of military advisors” said DADT was necessary for troop morale. Who these advisors are or why they think homophobia makes the military run smoother is anyone’s guess. Constitution Party’s Bradley, however, went one step further by invoking the lovely image of “troops crawling all over each others’ sleeping bags at night” if gays and lesbians in the military are allowed to be honest. We’re not sure if Bradley means that gay soldiers are rapists, or that they’ll turn the military into a Lady Gaga-ified version of “In The Navy.” But his remarks were creepy and unbecoming of a Senate candidate whereas Lee’s were simply more bland, dinosaur stupidity. So while the latter should rethink what his military advisors tell him, Bradley should apologize for insulting gay and lesbian servicemembers — who to a person have more honor than he does.

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