Packer is a Dinosaur

An open letter to Mr. Boyd Packer:

Sir, you are living in the past. The world is changing, and you don’t like it. There are changes in the world I don’t like either. The difference between you and I in this respect is that I know that even though there are changes taking place that I don’t like, some of them are beneficial to others. These ideas may challenge my personal ideologies and values, but I keep an open mind, and don’t blindly adhere to my established ways of thinking.

On the other hand, you, sir, are a dinosaur.

Don’t take that personally. I’ve loved dinosaurs since I was a kid.

Were you aware of the fact that the month before your hateful and discriminatory speech six young people took their lives – bullied into it because they were gay? Are you aware that hundreds of youth right here in Salt Lake City are on the streets, kicked out of their homes because of their sexual identity? I hope not. That would make your crime even more heinous.

You told people they must change, then in the same breath you avow that you will not. Your hypocrisy is audacious, and your example to your fellows and to your children is abhorrent.

Perhaps you mean well, but if your actions infringe upon the liberties and rights of others, you are in the wrong. You are not doing your church’s work if you are discriminating and hating. When you are telling your youth that they are abnormal, that they need to be cured when there is nothing wrong with them, then you are affecting their self esteem and happiness. I am sure that is not your intent, but that is what you are doing. Words have consequences, especially when spoken by someone perceived to be held in high regard, in a position of authority.

Please listen to those among your number that are progressive-minded enough to support their gay family members and friends. Please stop killing your children.

John Wilkes
Salt Lake City

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