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Literary Issue: Yia Yia Knows Best

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by Christopher Katis


Yes, Yia yia?

Why for you no date nice Grik gurl?

I’m not dating anyone right now.

They lot nice Grik gurls at tchoortch.

I’m sure there are.

You comb with me Sonday. I introdoosh you.

I’m not about to let my grandmother parade me around to a bunch of women at church like a piece of meat!

Pieza meat! Ho, ho! You beeg stoad.


Stoad. Sophia Mavrolakis has nice grandoteh.  She a lil big, but nice.

Yia yia, agapo anthres.

Ha! You say rong. You say, “I love men.”

Yia yia, I said it right. I said what I meant to.



Neeek? Why for you no date nice Grik boy?

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