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“Some suppose that they were preset and cannot overcome what they feel are inborn temptations toward the impure and unnatural. Not so! Remember, God is our Heavenly Father.”

– Revised remarks about homosexuality given by LDS Apostle Boyd K. Packer during the church’s Semi-Annual General Conference, Oct. 3 (“temptations” has replaced “tendencies” on the church’s website).

“President Packer has simply clarified his intent.”

– LDS spokesman Scott Trotter when asked about the alterations to Packer’s sermon.

“No. These are not the actions of the compassionate and if we are to judge them by their works instead of their words, we can only form the conclusion that this rapid-detraction and smoke screen is purely the work of men trying to hide from a national outcry against bigotry.”

– Local activist Eric Ethington, blogging at PRIDE in Utah in response to an LDS Church statement disavowing responsibility for the recent spate of suicides of queer youth and decrying violence against queer people.

“If I’m not going to allow [my children] to lie about bouncing a ball in my living room , how in the world would I justify telling them to lie to themselves and others about their sexual orientation? The hypocrisy of encouraging our youth to lie and cover up their true sexual orientation while admonishing them to “be honest in their dealings with their fellow man” in their temple interviews has always been impossible for me to rationalize.”

– Straight LDS mother Jaquelyn Orton in a letter to PRIDE in Utah.

“I receive all the time e-mails from young gay Mormons who feel so diminished and defeated.”

– LDS author, playwright and gay rights activist Carol Lynn Pearson, telling The Salt Lake Tribune that Packer’s remarks “hurt my heart.”

“In politics, you need people who are rattling the cages and people who are building bridges. I’ve always been better at burning bridges.”

– Local activist, RadioActive producer and QSaltLake columnist Troy Williams in a lengthy interview with The Salt Lake Tribune after being named “the gay mayor of Salt Lake City.”

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