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Many good things are happening and more are yet to come. From the opening of the new Landis Salon in the Marmalade to a few new things rising up for evening adventures, there are positive events coming up.

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be invited to a new up-and-comer: The Quantum Ultralounge. This establishment surprised me. As I parked outside a cheap sushi restaurant, donned in my themed Masquerade mask for their grand opening and walked up to the rather unimpressive entrance, I thought to myself, “Well here we go. Glad I have options in case this doesn’t work out.”

To my surprise, my judgment was wrong. The environment had a classy and sassy feel. I saw my friends, co-workers with friends, friends of friends, new friends and the ever necessary “enemy” or two.

This place was an instant hot spot and I couldn’t help but sit back and enjoy the show. The VIP area was perfect — not too small, not too large and comfortable. It served its purpose as an elevated luxury suite worth retreating to once you felt like taking a break from mingling.

I have been to many “opening nights” and I do my best to support the community. And for a guy who used to work in New York City and who’s visited many bars/clubs/lounges across the globe, I was impressed by Quantum Ultralounge. I should definitely not have judged a book by its cover.

I surely hope you will all welcome a new night at this place and spread your presence on a night predominantly captured by a few more established locations. That being said, I hope everyone will play nice and welcome something new. Not something big, not something trying to merely take “market share,” but a place that has brought a big city vibe to a small space and backed it up with the little details other places have missed.

Best of luck, Quantum Ultralounge — although I must say, I seriously think every city in the United States has an “ultra lounge”bar/club; I know the name sounds enticing, but it has been done over and over. Regardless, I’m looking forward to Quantum’s future.

Other than this new place, Salt Lake City’s nightlife scene is getting ready to hibernate (Once again let me restate: the place with covered parking will be the most popular — just saying), and I think our favorite places are nipping at each other’s heels trying to maintain “clientele.”

Choice words are being used toward one another, so I reiterate: play nice. Pure, JAM, Edge, Babylon and the slew of others, you are all unique and we all know it, so don’t point it out as much. Want us to visit and frequent often? Then get creative! Somehow I was drawn to a Masquerade ball of all things, so I suggest thinking outside the box to draw people in.

After all, it’s the people who make or break a place, so get imaginative, because regardless of the music, DJ or drag show, it comes down to where the friends are. Now how to get the friends to come? That’s a question above my paycheck.

See you all out and about.

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