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Literary Issue: Path Of Strife

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by Jacques Jozwicki

Wandering eyes look upon you, wondering where you’ve been.
Trying hard not to judge you, trying to imagine.
A world of peace, and lack of hate, a world that each man holds his fate.
Some people thing of wrong & right, some people hurt you out of spite.
When did love turn into hate? When did people begin to create,
a force of loathing, stirring inside. Coming from their own lack of pride.
When will someone bring love again? Instead of wondering where it’s been.
I sit and think of far off lands, where one can turn around and stand.
Proud and true of who he is, not scared to love from where he live.
Their hurtful looks and judgmental words, are often the last thing some have heard.
Who are they to judge our life? To think we’d choose this path of strife.
One of these days, they will feel our pain, and not even their pride shall remain.
Just keep your head high, and pay no attention.
Continue to fight, against their love prevention!

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