Apology and Onward

Well, as most people can predict, places start up just as fast as they fail. The particular establishment I’m talking about now is one that I’m not condemning just yet, but I think it may be on its way.

I promoted this new lounge after attending its masquerade-themed grand opening. And it was a breath of fresh air in Utah’s club scene, very metro in nature and chic. I ventured out again the following weekend only to realize a drastic change in its atmosphere and clientele.

It was off-putting, and needless to say I didn’t stay long.

Later I decided “third time’s the charm, right?” Well, let’s just say when I approached the entrance the promoter of the night was leaving, and I received a follow up text of “do not waste your time.”

It was unsettling to see that the entrance had become a scene similar to a haunted house: drapes, box office, wrist bands and employees putting on a veiled attempt of caring. It wasn’t the club I had remembered. It was nearly empty, not a member of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community was in sight, and the people in the club did not seem like “friendly folks.”

Quantum Ultra Lounge, you may want to merely make money. But if you disrespect, misrepresent, mislead or lie to us, we will take our money and recommendations elsewhere (just as I did, and I enjoyed many cocktails at JAM).

Moving forward, as I tend to say, it’s chilly outside but heating up under the ceilings of our known and regular places.

Pure is gaining headway at increasing its Friday night crowd — although I wonder what will happen when Eric Turner is no longer walking around in his underwear or wearing the occasional leather straps? Hmm?

JAM is thinking outside the box a bit drawing in young and old, thick and thin. From themed nights of beer pong (and yes, I played and yes, I won) to bears, they are drawing in crowds left and right that other places are missing out on.

Studio 27 has gained popularity with its continued stability in drinks, atmosphere and drag shows and always proves to be a night of luxury. Remember, luxury is also exclusive so don’t judge it for small crowds.

Lastly, you have the more established locations — and by “established,” I mean “long-lasting.” The Trapp, Club Try-Angles and Paper Moon are always a hop, skip and jump away.
Moving on, an upcoming pleasure is every gay boy’s Christmas: Halloween! Time for you toned and tan to wear skimpy outfits, you ripped and ripe to glitter up and of course: less is more as you can get away with almost anything.

Honestly, I have not been out in the gay scene during Halloween, and this year will provide more options than even I think can be handled. From JAM’s “5 Nights of Hell Raising Debauchery” to Pure and Babylon’s double backed “Feast of Flesh” and “Hollows Eve” you will not have a lack of options.

I do hope you all will stay warm, stay classy and be safe whilst you’re wearing the outfits you’ve been planning all year. But this is Halloween, and I don’t want to force anyone to make a promise they can’t keep.

Happy Halloween everyone, and I look forward to seeing all the fabulous costumes!

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