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Sitting Fairy, The Zerbert Blower

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Sunday, Nov. 7, was an emotional rollercoaster. First I had to giggle a little at the memory of being in Wendover with Jesse Duckdown or whatever his last name is — let me tell you, the boy can pound a glass of wine like nobody’s business! Then, I spent a couple hours in complete anxiety over the Vikings vs. Cardinals game (that’s football for you sissies). Then I celebrated a birthday at Piper Down — have you ever seen a lesbian get a hammer as a birthday gift? … It’s quite traumatic. Then I attended Colt’s wake at Club Try-Angles, may he rest in peace! Then the bejesus was scared out me when Michael fell down while bowling, I thought for sure he broke a hip. I’m surprised I made it through the day.

11thursday — I must dispute the veneration that ABBA Mania is “the world’s most successful ABBA tribute show.” Obviously, whoever made such a disclaimer has not heard/seen me sing karaoke to “Voulez Vous” or “Super Trouper” — it’s a hot freakin’ mess! Just ask my roadies Annette and Jenn. Anyhoo, this tribute band will undoubtedly send out good vibes and hip tunes all the while you are gettin’ down in the orchestra pit — Neat-o!
7:30pm, Kingsbury Hall, 1395 E. Presidents Cir., UofU. Tickets $29.50, 801-581-7100 or

Spy Hop Productions is pleased to present the eighth annual PitchNic World Premiere featuring four new films from its most intensive and critically-acclaimed youth film program. The films: Streeters, a documentary on Salt Lake City homeless youth; The Silhouettes, a documentary on local poets and how poetry serves as a therapeutic form of escape for these artists; Rx, an unlikely friendship forms between a hypochondriac and a free spirit; and Rock is in the Air, a mockumentary on a middle-age man’s disillusionment with his “Air Band.”
7:30–9:30pm, Jeanne Wagner Theatre, Rose Wagner Center, 138 W. Broadway, Tickets $6.50, 801-355-ARTS or

12fridayThe Wizard of Oz has been loved by children young and old for seven decades. Now, experience the entire movie as you never have before with gloriously live music from Utah Symphony, in the performance Oz with Orchestra, complete with Judy Garland’s original 1939 vocal recordings. The handsome Jerry Steichen conducts … hopefully in ruby slippers — he has gorgeous ankles.
8pm, through Saturday, Abravanel Hall, 123 W. South Temple. Tickets $30–85, 801-355-ARTS or

13saturday — The sexy, gay-affirming LDS deejay Kaskade (Ryan Raddon) returns to the stage for some thumpin’ house music that he attributes the gay community for “propelling into popularity.” A few of his Billboard hits include “Sorry,’ “Steppin’ Out” and “Be Still.”
7:30pm, Rail Event Center, 235 N. 500 West. Tickets $25, 801-467-8499 or

Well slap me into a pair of chaps, slip on a pink headdress and call me Sitting Fairy, Cub JAM is throwing a Cowboys and Indians Party. Michael and I can’t wait to see what some of you boys can do with your tomahawks and spurs. Anyhoo, enjoy the signature cocktail of the night, Country-Western Bitch Fit, and the fabulous spinning of DJ Mike Babbitt. And if you come dressed in only a loin cloth and war paint then you’ll likely win a prize.
9pm, Club JAM, 751 N. 300 West. For more info call 801-891-1162 or visit

14sunday —  The Human Rights Education Center of Utah, with special guest Carol Lynn Pearson, takes a stand against bullying. In Different = Amazing, a montage of theatre, music and dance, they celebrate the beauty of, and need for, diversity in our life. I agree, being different is amazing … and beautiful, and interesting, and delightful, and I could go on and on. This fundraiser benefits HRECU.
5–7pm, Jeanne Wagner Theatre, Rose Wagner Center, 138 W. Broadway, Tickets $10, 801-355-ARTS or

15monday — Ever since the 2002 Olympics, I’ve been a huge fan of the alternative rock band Lifehouse. Seeing frontman Jason Wade on stage was hypnotic and his amazing voice made me want to crawl down his throat and snuggle there forever. Now stay out of the gutter, that was not a sexual innuendo … necessarily. Kris Allen and Alyssa Bernal open.
7pm, In The Venue, 219 S. 600 West. Tickets $25/adv.–27/day of show, 801-467-8499 or

16tuesday — From the classic Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Alice Walker, and the moving film by Steven Spielberg, comes a soul-stirring new musical and landmark Broadway event. The Color Purple is an inspiring family saga that tells the unforgettable story of a woman who — through love — finds the strength to triumph over adversity and discover her unique voice in the world.
7:30pm, through Nov. 21, Capitol Theatre, 50 W. 200 South. Tickets $35–57.50, 801-355-ARTS or

17wednesday — I saw The Killers in a 2009 concert and I was completely mesmerized by frontman Brandon Flowers’ energetic performance. Now, promoting his debut solo album, Flamingo, the 29-year-old Mormon hottie returns to the Utah stage, in what I can only hope will be as exuberant and fantastic a performance as the last.
8pm, The Depot, 400 W. South Temple. Tickets $25/adv.–30/day of show, 801-467-8499 or

The documentary film Out in the Silence captures the remarkable chain of events that unfold when the announcement of filmmaker Joe Wilson’s wedding to another man ignites a firestorm of controversy in his small Pennsylvania hometown. This gripping film will challenge you to rethink your values and help close the gaps that divide our communities.
8pm, Westminster College Vieve Gore Auditorium, 1840 S. 1300 East. Free, 801-746-7000 or

The style of music that Po’ Girl makes is called “urban roots,” a combination of country, folk and jazz. Eclectic melodies are derived using such diverse instruments as the accordion, dobro and gutbucket bass. From what I understand lesbians really groove on the “gutbucket!” So, for all you women-who-love-women who haven’t heard this band, this is your changed to squeeze that accordion.
8pm, The State Room, 638 S. State St. Tickets $15/adv.–18/day of show, 800-501-2885 or

19friday — So I decided not to sit on Ruby Ridge’s face while en route to Wendover on the Big Gay Fun Bus — all that makeup would’ve made a real mess. My new plan is to attend tonight’s Third Friday Bingo, and when I win, I’m going to blow a big old “zerbert” in that majestic cleavage of hers … ooolala! By the way, tonight’s event benefits the Salt Lake Men’s Choir, who will also perform, yaaay!
7–9pm, First Baptist Church, 777 S. 1300 East. Bingo cards $5 first card and $3 addtl card,

In 2003, while on a hiking trip in Blue John Canyon (near Moab, Utah), Aron Ralston was trapped when a boulder became dislodged, crushing his right forearm and pinning it against the canyon wall. The new film about this heroic, brave man called 127 Hours is a recount of the harrowing five days he spent trapped without food and water, and the stunning step he took to free himself, in this highly moving story. Also, the film stars my celebrity-husband James Franco.
Opens today, Broadway Centre Cinemas, 111 E. Broadway. Tickets $6–8.50, 801-746-0288 or

DEC  8    Jay Brannan, Urban Lounge
DEC 12    Jeffree Star, The Complex
DEC 31    Jewel, Eccles Center, Park City

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