Staying In?

Halloween proved to be the dawn of the new event: offbeat parties in new locations.

This holiday was celebrated from dealerships to condos, apartments to mansions. It got me thinking, with how successful these events have become, will more like them spawn in the coming chilly months?

I believe the answer is no. Although going to a dealership or a private home where alcohol and the safety of a residence or business location makes a party a somewhat “safer” venue to visit, these kinds of events are also more expensive to throw. And often the hosts aren’t properly equipped for the evening’s escapades. Bars/clubs/lounges, these are established places that not only have the ability to serve what you want when you want it, but the know-how to handle the aftermath.

Though in the moment these ‘off the path’ parties are exciting and fun — if you’re a patron. But we all know it isn’t just about our own self-satisfaction of partying at someone else’s place on someone else’s dime. How many of us have thrown a soiree and had a fantastic time with friends gathering from near and far to enjoy the event we’ve put on? The next day always reminds us just how much money, time, effort and drama went into such an evening.

This is why I believe situations like these are a nice reprieve from the often similar (at least in feel) evenings of an establishment. But they’re a slap into reality when you wake up after and realize a day’s worth of cleaning is ahead of you, and the money you spent far exceeded grouping at a club instead.

This holiday season will prove to be a struggle for our friends in the community trying not only to maintain their business, but their reputation for dominating nights and holding onto us as customers.

As the snow piles up and the temperatures get colder the notion of gathering at a “friend’s house” does become more appealing. But that also becomes a burden on the host as the need to be responsible both for their property and others’ safety starts weighs on their minds. I cannot urge strongly enough to let professionals handle the distribution, accommodation and safety concerns for having a fun night out. Although it’s fun to be the host sometimes, hold these get-togethers at places that know what they’re doing as far as public safety and liquor laws are concerned. Also, remember that it’s a lot easier for a club to turn away someone who has had too much to drink than the host who is the best friend.

Regardless of your intent or desire to throw this year’s “supreme party,” just remember that our community establishments are not only trying to create a legal, safe and accepting environment for us all, but trying to be the comfortable “go to place” as well.

I know without a doubt I will be venturing to friend’s domiciles and partaking in an evening hosted by truly amazing people. But don’t let that become the norm this holiday season, get out and make sure you all do your part in supporting places that constantly support us!

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