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SNAP: Nine Out of Ten

Now that Murray’s and Moab’s City Councils have hopped on board the Equality train, the number of Utah municipalities prohibiting housing and employment discrimination for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender residents has reached nine — one short of Equality Utah’s goal of “10 in 10,” or 10 counties on board by the beginning of next year’s general legislative session. We applaud both cities’ councilmembers for doing the fair, just (and economically sound) thing, and are excitedly placing our bets for the county or city that will be lucky number 10 (psst! Ogden, are you reading this?)

SLAP: Human Rights Campaign

As journalists, we totally understand how tight deadlines, multiple deadlines and rapidly-evolving stories can lead a well-meaning writer — and even a well-meaning editor — into making mistakes that range anywhere from the trivial to the enormous. Nonetheless, HRC’s misinterpretation of the language in the LDS Church’s handbook regarding homosexuality is about as big a mistake as one can get. We don’t know how HRC misinterpreted calling homosexual behavior, as opposed to homosexual orientation, sinful to the church removing homosexuality from its list of sins, but to call this a huge stretch in logic is an understatement. Next time, we recommend that HRC read the text more thoroughly before making any statements.

SNAP: Jennifer Nuttall

A lot has changed about Utah’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community this year, including the departure of leaders like Jacob Whipple and former Rep. Christine Johnson. Roughly on the day this issue hits the streets, it will see the departure of one more, Utah Pride Center Adult Programs Director Jennifer Nuttall. After her years of tireless service to the community, we at QSaltLake will miss working with her, but we are excited that she is moving on to a new phase of her life that will not only allow her to spend more time with her children, but that won’t take her away from the community completely. Best of luck and wishes, Jennifer!

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