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Gay Witch Hunt

With special thanks to Pagan and a straight military ally.

“Kick him out,” Lt. Orrin Hatchass screamed.

“What’s he guilty off, sir?”

“He looked at me. Must be a queer,” Hatchass said. “Queer. Queer. Queer.”

It’s officially a modern day gay witch hunt as military officers spend $1.3 billion to investigate private e-mails, call friends to chat and go through closets to find the incriminating color pink.

America keeps ex-convicts while discharging lawful men and women, who may or may not be homosexual. Any heresy can be grounds for starting an investigation. For example, if a guy drinks apple martinis and a girl likes football, their whole life secrets could be torn inside and out, due to anyone having a problem, even if it’s the janitor.

Imagine having your dream job taken away from you for absolutely no reason other than you may look or act like you’re gay; 14,000 men and women had to face this harsh reality.

I can’t understand why being yelled at constantly is anyone’s dream job, but I’m sure there might be some perks, as many people do join the military willingly. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t even join if a gun was held to my head.
Since my military aptitude consists of only what’s in my worst nightmares, I had to consult expert witnesses.

Like my friend Pagan, who was discharged for doing his job well. A lower servicemember, who is also a Mormon, asked if he was gay. Fed up with lying and being investigated he finally told the truth. An act so heinous, according to the military, that they told a loyal, intelligent and good-working man to start packing.

Hardly seems just to find yourself losing your job and dignity because of something you can’t change. Imagine if the tables were turned, and a heterosexual had to hide his/her spouse, orientation, favorite actress/actor and kids.
I feel better knowing most of the military puts the job first and doesn’t care about the orientation as much as duty to the country. With holding the country’s weapons at their disposal, it’s important they’re thinking with more than a few screws. This outdated policy never should have been enacted in the policy and according to a Quinnipiac University poll done in February, 70 percent of Americans understand this policy is homophobic and pointless.

Even right here in this state where many tiny Orrins hatch from large conservative families think the policy is bogus.
For example, a straight Mormon man I interviewed. Let’s call him Steve, is currently a military intelligent officer and has been since 1990. He always thought the policy had no basis in fact or form.

“Every year in the guard, we have a sexual harassment brief, so arguments for Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell don’t hold water,” Steve said. “I don’t care what religion, color, gender, or orientation a person is if they do their job and they do it well.”

People, like Steve, used to be in the minority but is now in the majority as DADT gets closer and closer to dead and buried status. Thank God.  Unfortunately, the rotten policy took and destroyed lives in countless ways, by bringing lesbian, gay and bisexual members to suicide, rape or further harassment from their fellow officers.

Just as the witch hunt’s insane nature was revealed; the cause chalked up to irrational fear. As the study to repeal DADT supports, gay military do not affect combat readiness and unit cohesion. The gay military hunt is soon to be revealed for its true nature, fear of different orientations.

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