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Quips & Quotes

“Board member Doug Nelson noted the irony that 14 years had passed since the same school board had banned a high school gay club and put all extracurricular clubs at risk.”

– City Weekly “Hits & Misses” writer Katharine Biele, praising the Salt Lake City School Board’s decision to include sexual orientation and gender identity in its nondiscrimination policy.

“But he does make a valid point: When the mean-spirited Legislature decides to punish the district come January, it will be all students — regardless of orientation or identity —  who will suffer. (I embellished that point a bit.)”

City Weekly blogger Brandon Burt, discussing outgoing board member Mark Maxfield’s reason for voting against the policy.

“Anyone who is willing to put on the uniform of America’s armed forces and put his or her life on the line to protect our freedoms deserves respect for their commitment to our nation.”

Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, when voting to repeal don’t ask, don’t tell, as quoted in The Salt Lake Tribune.

“Ta have the patience and perseverance ta attract and allow the rest of the state ta catch the hell up with the rest of those who don’t and won’t accept hate and fear. Ta love themselves first and everyone else second, and stop dividing and judging and hurtin’ others inside and outside of their own culture. Ta be the change they wanna see in the world!”

Sister Dotie S. Dixon, in an interview with the Ogden Standard-Examiner about her first appearance in that city, discussing her dreams for Utah’s gay and straight communities.

“For heaven’s sake, the club only has “about a dozen” members!”

– Draper resident Josh Harrison, asking why The Salt Lake Tribune did a story on a recently formed club for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender University of Utah business students in a letter to the editor.

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