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Quips & Quotes

“Congratulations, Equality Utah. You’ve beat your deadline by nine days.”

-Change.org writer Brandon Miller, commending Equality Utah’s success in getting 10 Utah municipal governments to pass ordinances protecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents from housing and employment last year.

“We would like to have a meeting with them rather than through the media.”

– Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey, declining to comment to the Ogden Standard-Examiner on a forthcoming meeting with Equality Utah about passing an ordinance to protect gay and transgender Ogdenites from job and housing discrimination.

“The administration is dragging its feet on purpose. The mayor doesn’t want the ordinance passed. He wants it to go away.”

– Utah Log Cabin Republicans Vice President and Ogden resident James Humphreys.

“Unfortunately, their actions imply the belief that all God’s children are precious, except the gay ones.”

-Provo resident Camille Biexei, wondering why Utah County’s high schools lack gay-straight alliances in a letter to The Salt Lake Tribune.

“Students aren’t looking for a place to discuss sexuality, they’re looking for safe havens from the far-too-often constant teasing, bullying and harassment which can take place both in school and at home.”

– Pride in Utah founder and local activist Eric Ethington, blogging in response to a comment by Utah Eagle Forum member Gayle Ruzicka in which Ruzicka accused gay-straight alliances of recruiting students into homosexuality.

“Gay quotas will replace Latino quotas for recruitment. Straight service members who file a sexual harassment case against a gay member will be told to ‘keep quiet’ because ‘we can’t rock the boat’ now.”

– Ogden Resident Brent Smith, predicting what the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell will lead to in a letter to The Salt Lake Tribune.

“But our sources indicate the LDS Church might also be willing to make even more of an outreach in the future. This could, perhaps, include helping to provide homeless gay youths with shelter and support.”

–  ABC Channel 4 News, in a story about the LDS Church extending an invitation to gay leaders including 8: The Mormon Proposition narrator Dustin Lance Black to its Christmas concert.

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