Activists to push Anchorage LGBT rights ordinance

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Alaska’s Equality Works coalition will attempt to pass a gay and transgender rights ordinance through the Anchorage Municipal Assembly this year.

The proposed law would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in housing, employment and public accommodations.

Should the measure become law, anti-gay forces have vowed to attempt to repeal it via a ballot initiative.

Should the ordinance fail to pass the Assembly, LGBT activists will work to put it on the ballot in 2012 for approval by voters.

A version of the ordinance passed the Assembly 7–4 in 2009 but was vetoed by Mayor Dan Sullivan, who said he wasn’t convinced anti-gay discrimination exists.

“My review shows that there is clearly a lack of quantifiable evidence necessitating this ordinance,” Sullivan said.

Anchorage is home to 40 percent of Alaskan residents.

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