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“It’s a really restrictive environment here. And there’s still a need. People are hurting. People are killing themselves. And people are getting bullied.”

David Andrews, a volunteer for the Pride Empathy Line, explaining the need for such a service to Fox 13 News

“I think that will probably be a great resource for kids.”

– Gay high school student Jordan Despain talking to The Salt Lake Tribune about the phone line

“During that time that parents are uncomfortable they are having a tremendous impact on their kids. … My hope is that if we can educate parents privately in their homes, they can start doing the right thing for their kids sooner.”

– University of Utah psychology professor David Huebner, telling The Salt Lake Tribune about the documentary Lead With Love, which focuses on the experiences of parents with gay and lesbian children

“This is an entire program to bring America down and I want to tell you right now it’s well entrenched in Utah.”

Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan, as reported by Fox 13 News telling Eagle Forum members that the state’s school boards are indoctrinating students to accept gays and reject God

“[Socialists] [t]each children the concepts at a very young age so by the time they’re ready to vote they’ll vote for the right candidates. Hence, Democratic Socialism.”

– Eagle Forum member Susie Schnell

“The Core Standards have nothing to do with morals or ethics, but are simply an outline of what students in each grade should be learning in the core subjects of math and language arts. We’re not talking about sex education or even evolution here.”

The Salt Lake Tribune, criticizing Buttars for his remarks against nonbinding federal education standards

“It was quite a productive meeting.”

– Equality Utah Executive Director Brandie Balken, telling the Ogden Standard-Examiner about her recent meeting with city officials on passing ordinances that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the city’s housing and workplace nondiscrimination laws

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