Six trans women killed in Honduras in two months

LGBT campaigners are calling on Honduran authorities to fully investigate the murders of six transgender women in just 60 days.

According to Human Rights Watch, the first death was on November 29th and the latest took place on January 17th.

The women were murdered on the streets or in their homes in the capital, Tegucigalpa, and in the cities of Comayagüela and San Pedro Sula.

The attacks ranged from gunshots to setting the victims on fire.

Human Rights Watch stated on January 31st that there’s been zero arrests — they are calling on Honduras to investigate murders of the transgender women.

The United States Embassy in Honduras has taken the highly unusual step of releasing an official statement asking the Honduran government and it’s authorities to investigate a number of recent murders committed against members of the LGBT community in Honduras.

Hugo Llorens , the U.S. Ambassador to Honduras, sat down to talk yesterday with a local newspaper (La Prensa) and was asked about the murders and the official statement from his office. He stated: “The gay community in many countries, including mine, is very vulnerable to discrimination and harassment. It’s not an unique problem to Honduras, but it is worrisome that the five murders have occurred within a period of a little month than a month. That’s why we have asked the authorities in charge to apply the extent of the law and to see the situation as a threat to human rights.”

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