Anti-gay bills pulled from Utah Legislature

Three bills sponsored by Rep. LaVar Christensen, R-Draper, were pulled from the Utah legislative docket Wednesday.

Christensen said he dropped the bills because the legislative schedule is already overloaded and his bills need time to be thoroughly discussed.

One of his bills, H.B. 182, made contracts that did not coincide with public policy illegal. This bill did not clearly define purpose, execution or intent of the legislation. And many activists and community leaders feared the bill could be interpreted to outlaw wills, guardianships and other contracts for same-sex couples and families.

This fear was increased with the introduction of H.B. 270. This bill said the state must act in the best interest in promoting families with a mother, father and children. Again, no clear purpose or implementation was stated in the bill.

The last piece of legislation pulled, H.B. 182, would have added a religious exemption to non-discrimination acts. The bill would have eviscerated the non-discrimination acts passed in numerous Utah municipalities.

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