Meeting “The One” with Alphey.com

Meeting “The One” has always been a particular issue among humans since the dawn of time. Is there an easier way to meet him or her?

Alphey.com is designed to help you meet single people and develop long-term, meaningful relationships.

But how does it work? It’s simple, said Mark Lawrence, the president of the online service. “Go to the website, create an account, answer a few questions about yourself and we will match you with people who are most compatible with you.”

The website, along with the questions that a user answers, has been developed by three well-known and specialized psychologists who had been working closely with the LGBT community.

According to Lawrence, people in the LGBT community want more than just a hook-up, they want to get better at creating and maintaining relationships.

When matched with a possible soul mate, religion, health, values, likes, etc, are very important aspects on the difficult, but not so impossible, process of meeting “The One.”

Lawrence started the website because he believed there was a lack of online services that would help the LGBT community create bonds and relationships.

“I’ve noticed that the websites that are available in the market only focus on straight people, but what about us?” he said.

He also noticed that most of the websites available in the market refuse to offer services to gay people.

“To me, that was a way of discrimination,” he said. “Someone had to do something.”

After being online for just over four months, Alphey.com has helped people create strong bonds of friendship among the compatible users who desire to start something more meaningful in their lives.

“The website will help you meet ‘The One’ or make new friends along the way,” said Lawrence.

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