Ogden paper calls for states to ‘get out of the marriage business’

In response to Rep. Lavar Christensen’s “Family Policy” bill — HB 270 — the Ogden Standard Examiner editorial board has editorialized that all states should “get out of the marriage business.”

Calling Christensen’s draft “another unimportant bill,” the editorial board said it hopes the bill fails.

“Why in heaven’s name does Christensen want to push through sentiments that belong in a church, or in an individual’s conscience, into a secular body?” the editorial questions. “If we had $1 for every state legislative resolution that promoted morality or traditional marriage, we’d probably be able to fund a trip to Disneyland. There are so many more pressing issues.”

The board calls for Utah to “get out of the marriage business and reserve that ordinance for churches and other organizations.”

“In order to provide full legal protections for couples — both men and women and same-sex — Utah could issue civil unions,” it states.

The editorial board says they are realistic, and that such a change will be a “long journey” before it happens.

“But if secular governments did get out of the marriage business, it would ease so many of the social tensions we suffer today, such as the heated debates over gay marriage and the anger at churches that oppose same-sex marriage rights in a secular government,” the board states. “Also, such a move would free churches — whether Latter-day Saint, Catholic, Metropolitan Community, Unitarian, Southern Baptist, etc. — to celebrate the sacred, spiritual promises, that those who have chosen to love each other for a lifetime make to each other and God. And, given that it wouldn’t potentially affect the rights of others, we’d support Christensen’s call to define marriage — within a church — as sanctioned by our creator.”

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