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It seems that spring is going to be filled with concerts: from Christina Perry and even the Lady herself — Gaga. There are some great events coming and I am excited to see as many performances as I can.

So what does this mean in regard to nightlife (without really needing to explain what happens when you mix booze and Gaga with gays)? It means that a lot of glitter and glam are destined for this year.

Only two months into 2011 and the sun is out but the temperature is down. I, being someone that believes alcohol warms the blood and not thins it, have enjoyed many nights out at Püre, JAM and The Trapp. I thought the idea of bringing Püre to The Sound “sounded purely” awful but I have been proven wrong with a great track record of enjoyment. So I highly recommend warming up here on a Friday night — who knows, you may see me on the stage (not one of my proudest moments) and get tickets to Christina Perry (who sings “Jar of Hearts”)  on May 1.

Moving on, concerts — this means promotion from venues but also pre-parties — will they be indoors? Will they be at homes? Both or at bars? I have no idea but would prefer ‘all of the above.’

Concerts are so much fun — you all remember Britney … well, maybe you don’t.

Anyway, concerts are a great time and bring people together in a way that some bars and even Pride cannot. From the closeted youth out to enjoy their favorite artist to the die-hard, Gaga-glittered gay screaming “I want your love,” there are many people coming together (and the smart ones bring flasks). Regardless of your reasoning, you tend to find a larger variety of individuals than an average night at JAM. So the pipeline is flooded with entertainment and I suggest we all garb our inner tubes.

Speaking of inner tubes, I have always said new clubs come and go. Some change their name, move locations or just fly by night for a quickie. The Metro, the newest addition to our nightlife options, seems to be gearing up for being the summer all-star. It had a soft opening and proved to be worthwhile in space, ambiance and location (fantastic parking lot and across from Püre, downtown).

It features an elevated area for casual conversation, a VIP room, large dance space, and of course, an outside area for smoking. It had a New York vibe when I walked up to a line and saw many familiar faces, It felt like Utah when I looked at the prices of the drinks, and it felt comfortable knowing that another establishment had been created offering a safe place to drink and be with friends.

This will truly be a fun place as it matures and grows, and I hear at some point it will start offering appetizers, which will keep me coming in week after week.

So we have concerts coming up, new clubs opening and soon we may even be fed whilst drinking our vodka-Redbulls — 2011 is looking to be a great year indeed. See you all out and about.

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