Utah-based web hosting company pulls anti-gay website

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A Utah-based web-hosting company temporarily removed an anti-gay website that blamed the recent New Zealand earthquake on homosexuals.

The company Bluehost.com received thousands of e-mails and letters of complaint about the website ChristchurchQuake.net, which was hosted on their servers, according to an anonymous source from the company who spoke to QueerToday.com.

The website blamed the earthquake, which killed 147 people and displaced thousands of others, squarely on the shoulders of the gays. The website pointed out that the earthquake occurred on the same day the Christchurch gay ski week was about to kick-off.

The site had the following warning for Christchurch citizens:

Do you really want to tempt fate and risk another quake? The morning of the Christchurch earthquake was the opening of  ‘Gay Ski Week.’ The highlight of the week was a party featuring two of NZ’s ugliest and butchest lesbians as the main event in Queenstown. Squadrons of “imports” were to have been brought in for the week — from Sydney’s now booming gay and lesbian area around Oxford Street, between the CBD and Kings Cross.

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