Birthdays are coming

It’s time to darken our skin, cut our hair and get ready, because spring is just around the corner. I know it’s hard to tell with the temperatures ranging from 30 to 60 degrees. But let’s face it, we are all ready for warmer weather and that means preparation.

So what can be expected? For one, I know many birthdays are between spring and fall. Which means parties are being planned and that begs the question: Which bar/club is best to hold an event as special as celebrating our birth?

Luckily we have many options: The Metro, JAM, The Trapp, Pure and Try-Angles are just a few. And believe it or not, another club is opening up for a Thursday gay-night at The Bay. Yes, that’s right, The Bay! On March 3 The Bay will have its opening night. Now, I know this establishment has been back and fourth from gay friendly to not, from old management to new and yet again the doors are opening for another attempt to draw our attention.

Will the new Thursday night at a long-known establishment flop as in years past? I don’t know, but I will give it a shot regardless. Any place willing to open its doors specifically for our community is worth giving it a try.

Everyone get excited or at least give it a shot on March 3 – same location but hopefully a different venue than we’re all used to.

Back to the main point: birthdays and party planning (where should I plan mine on June 23?!).

The Metro, which has proved to be a popular spot on Saturdays, will soon incorporate light finger foods, as it has in the VIP area. The large divided space might be a good place to hold a party or two.

JAM has long been a hot spot for birthdays and whether the roped off area is filled with glitter or balloons it will be a good bet no matter what the night. Remember, however, that you should never wait till the last minute to book your party because you wouldn’t want the liquor to run out at your place and nowhere to have the after-party.

Pure? Now that is a mystery. I have never held nor been an attendee to a birthday party there. Nor do I know what it would be like but I imagine the owners of Pure can accommodate any sort of party that you wish. Might be worth looking into when debating where to go – especially when it warms up and they upper deck area is open. That might be a nice VIP event to celebrate with old and new friends alike.

I have been to The Trapp for a few birthday parties. Almost every celebration was extremely enjoyable and memorable. This might be the location of choice.

Or maybe Try-Angles? Or possibly any number of establishments you venture to. Regardless, we have options for our celebrations.

I know from now until fall I have roughly 15 birthdays needing celebration, and I anticipate venturing to all of our friendly bars/clubs. I hope to see many of you there and as always, if you hear of anything new, up-and-coming or anything that’s “happening” – please let me know so our community will be aware and hopefully help support!

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