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SNAP: Anti-gay bill dies in Wyoming

A bill that would ban Wyoming from recognizing same-sex marriages performed in other states died quietly in committee. The committee could not decide how to deal with existing language in state law and it appears the bill will miss a key legislative deadline. The House and Senate passed different versions of the same bill and compromise on language could not be reached. Gay-rights advocates are celebrating the victory in the so-called “Equality State.”

SNAP: Brazil ‘Homophobia Helpline’ launches

Despite the infamous Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro Pride events, Brazil still has a long way to go before all its citizens are treated equally. Many gay Brazilians seek asylum from persecution in the United States and elsewhere. The helpline was launched to help fight such pervasive homophobia and mistreatment. This helpline can be reached around the clock by dialing 100 from any phone. The launch ceremony featured the Senate vice president and other federal representatives.

SLAP: Anti-gay pastor arrested

Rev. Grant Storms, famous for speaking out against all things bright, shiny and gay, was arrested after witnesses say they saw him masturbating in a park in front of children. He defended himself claiming to have been urinating in a plastic bottle in the park, but later changed his story and admitted to pleasuring himself in public. He is a regular protestor at Southern Decadence, a three-day gay festival held annually. He and his followers surround the event with bullhorns and large signs while chanting anti-gay protests. In a news conference he asked for forgiveness from his family and the gay community. However, he said he is not a pedophile.


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