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David James (D.J.) Bell is much more than just a simple run-of-the-mill decorator. In fact, he is a trained architectural interior designer. And beyond graduating from one of the top interior-design colleges in the United States he is passionate about what he does.

“I got into the industry about seven years ago with some friends,” Bell said. “I decided to do it right and get an education because I felt so strongly about what I do. I love it.”

Bell specializes in home interior design and helping his customers get a high-quality result without paying the high prices. He is the owner and operator of Bell-Fair Interiors and he was the wedding planner for the QSaltLake wedding.

“I work with the customers to get wholesale prices and I do not charge retail fees,” Bell said. “I pass on every savings to my client.”

There is no job too small or too large for Bell-Fair Interiors. From painting a room to removing walls and remodeling kitchens, Bell has experience with almost all home-design jobs. Also, as a trained architectural interior designer, he can help with floor plans and other technical aspects of all your remodeling needs.

“I have great relationships with other contractors and specialists so that you can get the best prices while still receiving fantastic products and services,” Bell said.

While he does not do all the work himself, such as painting and all electrical work, he has partnerships with other dependable companies and individuals.

To contact Bell for pricing and other information, go to his website www.BellFairInteriors.com.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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