Since 1870, Brown-Forman has grown to be one of the largest liquor retailers in the United States. The company markets and sells a large variety of different well-known brands including Jack Daniel’s, Southern Comfort, Finlandia Vodka and Korbel California Champagnes.

Brown-Forman is one of the two wine and spirits companies listed on the Human Rights Commission equality index. The HRC gave the company a perfect 100 on the Corporate Equality Index. Along with assisting in the QSaltLake wedding, Brown-Forman has sponsored many gay events around the nation including the HRC National Dinner, the White Party and various gay rodeo events.

The management at Brown-Forman is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all their customers as well as their employees, according to a press release provided to QSaltLake about their diversity policies.

“Our focus is on increasing our level of corporate contributions to programs and services that enhance the quality of life for ethnic minorities, LGBT, and women,” said a company spokesperson in the press release.

For more information about their brands and services, go to Brown-Forman.com.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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