Buttars’ daughter to replace him in Senate?

Sen. Chris Buttars during an interview with Reed Cowan for 8: The Mormon Proposition

Sen. Chris Buttars is stepping down after serving in his post for 10 years, just enough to get free healthcare for life, but Utah may not be rid of the Buttars influence in the Senate. His daughter, Christie Buttars Giles is running for his old seat and putting the pressure on the delegates to keep the Buttars legacy in power. And she promises to keep the same governing structure and position stances that her father pushed.

“What most people want to know, first off, is whether I’m much like him. The answer is yes,” Giles said on her website.

Giles, 43, graduated from BYU and has four kids. She has served as an aide for her father in the Senate in the past and she said she has some experience as a delegate and participates in grassroots politics.

On her website she address the topic of same-sex marriage and gay rights by saying she supports having fair housing and workplace practices. But she said she will stop any legislation that would change the definition of marriage.

Her website also states that she would oppose all legislation that would address sexual orientation in the schools.

Her father recently decried the alleged socialist and gay agenda in Utah at the annual Eagle’s Forum dinner.

“We’re in big trouble in our public education system,” Buttars said. “This is an entire program to bring America down and I want to tell you right now it’s well entrenched in Utah.”

Buttars is endorsing his daughter and has sent auto-dial calls to all the District 10 delegates.

But following in her father’s footsteps could prove to be a questionable approach. He was no stranger to controversy and made national headlines with some of his more popular quotes.

He once compared a bill he didn’t like to a black baby. “This baby is black ,” Buttars said. “It’s a dark, ugly thing.”

He also said that gay people are “Probably the greatest threat to America going down I know of.”

His style of governing was also extremely controversial. As he left his office he said his leadership style was to tell people where he stood on an issue and then not listen to what other people might think.

“I’m going to tell you where I stand and I don’t want to know where you stand. You may not agree with me but you’ll always know where I stand,” Buttars said.

Other candidates for the vacant seat are Michael Johnson, Pat Malan, Aleta Taylor, Ken Ivory, Merlynn Newbold, Aaron Osmond, Rich Cunninghan, Gary Beck, Aaron Osmond, Scott Schultz, Jay Cobb and Ken Naylor.

The special election will be held on March 31.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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