Charley Hafen Jewelers

From humble beginnings more than 20 years ago in a hotel-lobby jewelry shop to being one of Utah’s premier jewelers, Charley Hafen Jewelers established a legacy of fantastic customer service, competitive prices and phenomenal pieces.

“All the pieces in the store are designed and made in the store,” said Charley Hafen, owner and operator. “We’ve never bought a line of jewelry from another designer.”

With an enormous inventory of everything from diamond necklaces and earrings to antique 7th century beads, the store is quite literally a work of art. And aside from the collection of pieces already in the store, Hafen will help design a piece to fit a customer’s taste.

“Some customers come in with small ideas of what they want, and some come in with the entire piece in mind,” Hafen said.

And whether it’s building a customer piece or simply expanding his line, Hafen said he has a unique style of jewelry. The line is not quite art-deco, but it is inspired by art-deco.

“It’s really difficult to place a time period on my design, which is what helps make the pieces timeless,” Hafen said. “I like to mix eras in jewelry design to help keep the pieces from getting outdated. Many would describe my designs as future-deco.”

Hafen participates in the community frequently. He donated rings to the QSaltLake wedding winners. He also loves to help emerging artists in Utah. He participates in the gallery stroll and hosts different pieces of art from Utah artists every month. And he does not collect any commission or fees on any art that is bought from his store.

“I really feel it is important to help emerging and young artists,” Hafen said. “I like to help them build a resume and a portfolio.”

For more information and photos of his jewelry, go to www.charleyhafen.com.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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