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Most photographers learn to take photos and then editing them is somewhat of an afterthought. While editing is important to some photographers, it definitely takes a back seat to the art of taking the photo. For David Daniels, his photography emerges from his extensive background in photo editing and design.

“When I take a photo, I am always thinking about how people could use it,” Daniels said. He was the photographer for the QSaltLake same-sex wedding. “When I see a great photo opportunity, I always think of the practical application.”

His background in design helps him understand what a designer might look for in a photo. Also, he has a degree in psychology from BYU, and he said it helps give him an interesting perspective in taking photos. It helps him take a unique approach to photography.

Daniels has been involved in photography since he first discovered Photoshop in 1995.

“I sort of worked backward,” Daniels said. “I started out editing the photos and realized I would be able to start taking my own photos. I knew exactly how I would want photos to be edited, so I started to take some of my own photos.”

Daniels has experience photographing everything from the most basic portrait shots, to full wedding albums. He also has photographed same-sex weddings, commitment ceremonies and many other gay-themed events.

“As a gay man, I feel I need to be true to myself and my friends around me,” Daniels said.

To see examples of his lifestyle and journalistic photography, go to his website, www.DavidDanielsPhotography.com. For examples of his work with weddings and same-sex ceremonies, go to DavidWeddingPhotography.com.


Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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