First Baptist Church

The First Baptist Church is extremely welcoming and accepting of people from all walks of life. The American Baptist Church, which has been in Utah since 1883, prides itself on accepting people from all different diverse backgrounds, said the church administrator, Dennis McCracken.

“We just don’t make a big deal of it,” McCracken said. “We are very welcoming of everyone. Gay, lesbian or transgender, you’ll be welcome here.”

The First Baptist Church hosted the QSaltLake wedding and has been hosting same-sex ceremonies for six years.

The church building has been in its current location since 1951 and has two available chapels for weddings. The smaller, more intimate chapel, was paid for by the Skagg family and donated only on the condition that everyone is allowed to be married there, McCracken said. The Skagg Chapel can hold about 150 people and the larger chapel can hold about 900.

“The building and grounds are beautiful and perfect for any wedding,” McCracken said.

In addition to hosting weddings, the First Baptist Church holds regular Sunday services, a variety of fellowship activities and other events throughout the year. Gay, lesbian and transgender people can feel very comfortable attending these events McCracken said. The church also hosts the Third Friday Bingo at with QSaltLake’s own Ruby Ridge and her Matrons of Mayhem.

For more activity information or to book a chapel, go to FirstBaptist-SLC.org.


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