First date rollercoaster

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Getting the first date is an important step in assuring an interesting and exciting start to a relationship. The first date is all about a quick impression. Your date will notice everything from how you did your hair to what shoes you are wearing, so be ready to look fabulous.

I have come to the conclusion that many us of expect that the guy who has done the asking, not only had planned everything about the date, but also prepared accordingly.

Here a few tips that we all should remember:

Be courteous, never pushy
Don’t ever forget your etiquette, he will be keeping an eye on who you are, and perhaps more importantly on the things that you aren’t really doing.  Those little details that you might think don’t matter make a huge difference.

Say something good about your date
First of all we all like to hear compliments, so why not give one to your date? Many of us forget to notice and compliment our date’s appearance. There must be something about his or her outfit, hair or cologne that you like.

Ask questions, but remember you are not a journalist
You’ll want to make sure that you are better and more original than the previous guy. Sometimes this can mean that you’ll spend a lot of time talking about things that you have accomplished while forgetting to ask your date about his or her interests. I know it’s important to keep the conversation flowing but please, you’re not a reporter, so get over yourself right now. Ask your date about himself; just don’t turn it into an interview with his bishop.

Always have a Plan B
When I say Plan B I don’t mean have another date just in case the first one doesn’t work out. What I mean is if your plans don’t work out; relax (you are cool). You can always trust in your plan B to make the most of what might have been a wasted night. Your date will be impressed by your creativity. Don’t forget that any backup option is better than no option at all. Just don’t take your date home and try to get in his pants, this is not that kind of date, or is it…?

Go get ‘em tiger!
I strongly believe that with these few tips, one can score. You’ll not only very impress your date but also exceed all his expectations.

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