Photography by Laurie

Laurie Bray has been involved in photographing same-sex weddings in Utah about as long as anyone. She took the photos of the first gay wedding announcements to appear in the Salt Lake Tribune.

“It was enormously controversial at the time,” said Bray, who owns and operates Photography by Laurie. “The photo and announcement appeared in the Tribune in 1994, and it was the first one in Utah. It was amazing that the newspaper agreed to run it.”

Bray, who was the wedding photographer for the QSaltLake same-sex wedding, has been taking photos for more than 30 years.

“It really started because my dad used to take so many photos,” Bray said. “I didn’t realize it at the time, but those photos came to be so important to me later.”

Bray began taking photography classes freshman year of college where she excelled and received high praise from her professors.

“I finally found an art form I was good at,” Bray said. “I love finding a way to show the beauty in people. Everyone is beautiful and sometimes they don’t see it. I find a way to show them their beauty.”

Bray offers her services for weddings, portraits or just about any other photography need. She also offers photography for tasteful intimate shots such as artful nudes and lingerie photos.

“I feel very strongly about creating images that my customers love,” Bray said. “I want everyone to have photographs that reflect just how magical and beautiful the moment is. I want to help boost everyone’s self esteem so they can see their own beauty.”

For more information, samples of her work and pricing go to PhotographyByLaurie.biz.


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