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After Janice Boes started Premier Corporate Events more than a decade ago, she noticed a hole in the Salt Lake City market.

“I was planning all these weddings and events, and I could never find a venue to rent that was really urban-chic,” Boes said. “We really didn’t have a place that was like Los Angeles or New York, and I felt like as I designer, I needed that to help my own creativity.”

And that’s where Pierpont Place comes in. The stylish and upscale venue that can be rented for weddings, corporate events, parties or any other occasion opened in 2006.

“We really use this as an avenue for our clients,” Boes said. “Everything about the venue is customizable and we really want to help our clients find the best design and location for their events.”

However, if the customer does not want to hold the event at Pierpont Place, the Premier Corporate Events offers catering, planning and bar services.

“We not only help our clients find other venues, we will help them plan the events, bring all the necessary tables, chairs and tablecloths and provide all the food and drink services necessary,” Boes said.

Premier Corporate Events provided the liquor service for the QSaltLake same-sex wedding.

“We really want to provide a location and a service that caters to a diverse and eclectic crowd,” Boes said.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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