Sanctity of marriage

Cedar City man pleads guilty to murdering wife

A 25-year-old Utah man was sentenced to 15 years for murdering his wife, claiming he was trying to wrestle a gun from her. Police found the 19-year-old woman on the bathroom floor next to a cigarette with a lighter in her hand. She had been shot five times in the head.

Husband kills wife for not paying cable bill

A New York City woman died from the injuries she sustained after her husband beat her for not paying the premium cable channel bills while he was hospitalized. He was arrested on assault charges, but the charges were later upgraded to murder.

FLDS man pleads guilty to sex charges in marriage to underage cousin

A St. George man was pleaded guilty to charges after he was “spiritually married” to his 14-year-old cousin. After pleading guilty to charges he was sentenced to probation.

Terrence Howard’s bliss lasted a year

After only a year of marriage, actor Terrence Howard’s wife, Michelle Ghent, filed for divorce. This was Howard’s third marriage, but second wife. He married Morrie McCommas twice and had three children with her.

Salt Lake City man stabs girlfriend with Samurai sword

Police arrested a 32-year-old man in Salt Lake City after his girlfriend was stabbed with a Samurai sword in the abdomen. She was in critical condition, but is expected to live. The woman called 911 and told responders she had been stabbed by her boyfriend. The paramedics found her lying in the street.

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