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SNAP: Majority support marriage equality
As Utah struggles to pass protections for gays and lesbians in the workforce and in housing, the first nationwide poll indicates there is a majority support for gay marriage. The General Social Survey, a poll that has been used since 1972, is one of the most reliable polling organizations and is frequently referenced by sociologists. The poll indicates that 46 percent of Americans support full marriage equality for gays and lesbians while only 40 percent oppose gay marriage. This poll comes on the heels of the Obama administration’s announcement that it would no longer defend DOMA.

SNAP: Transgender wedding licenses
A transgender couple refused a wedding license in New York City in 2009 will finally be able to wed. The transgender woman, who was born male, tried to get a license to marry her partner, a transgender man who was born a female. The couple was denied after a city clerk asked for proof of gender other than just government issued identification. The clerk asked to see birth certificates or other similar documents. The city of New York announced it would offer more extensive training so a similar situation would not happen again.

SLAP: Anti-gay senator outed
Closeted Brooklyn state Sen. Carl Kruger, a Democrat, was outed, not only as a gay man, but also for his involvement in a million-dollar bribery scheme. The senator was among eight men who were arrested for their alleged involvement in a scam that involved trading political favors for large cash payments. Kruger’s live-in boyfriend, Manhattan gynecologist Michael Turano, was also arrested. Kruger voted against the marriage equality bill in 2009.

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