Tuxedos by Lee

Tuxedos by Lee offers much more than the equivalent to renting your dad’s tuxedo. Every five years, these locally owned and operated stores replace their entire inventory said Meghan Roberts, the general manager.

“Every one of our tuxedos is in great shape with fantastic color and they are all of the highest quality,” Roberts said. “Because we get all new inventory every five years we stay on top of all the latest fashion trends and looks.”

The selection of tuxedos is enormous. With just about every color and style imaginable, there are options for everyone’s taste, Roberts said.

There are two locations for Tuxedos by Lee, and within those two stores the company manages and stores their entire inventory. Many other tuxedo rental stores have to order products from out of state and other locations, Roberts said. This allows the company to accommodate large parties as well as last-minute rentals.

“We keep everything here on the premises ready to go,” Roberts said. “We never have a delay in renting a tuxedo to someone because it is not available in our stores.”

Tuxedos by Lee supplied the tuxedos for the QSaltLake same-sex wedding.

“We’ve done several gay weddings and ceremonies before,” Roberts said. “And we hope to do many, many more. Gay people can feel very comfortable when they come to our store.”

For more information and pricing, go to www.TuxedosByLee.com.


Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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