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Having their wedding be an event, a celebration and something everyone would talk about after the ceremony were very important to the QSaltLake wedding winners, Manuel and Kamrin Carver.

“We wanted the event to be a huge event,” Carver said. “We wanted it to be something everyone would dress up to attend. We’ve always wanted it to be this way.”

Dreaming about having a concert at a wedding is much easier than putting together full choirs, individual performers, collecting sheet music and having everything go off without a hitch. Which is another reason why this wedding was so spectacular, Carver said.

The individual performers all donated their time and services to the wedding, and the outcome was phenomenal. The funding to purchase the sheet music was provided by Home Health and Hospice.

McCall Erickson
McCall Erickson has been touring the country blowing away her audiences with her sultry voice and introspective lyrics for the past five years. She performs at clubs, weddings and at other events. She is also a well-recognized song writer and will lend direct her muse to whatever occasion a customer needs. She will not only perform her music, but she can write music and lyrics for any occasion; weddings, love, loss or just because. She helped Kamrin write a touching musical number for Manuel.

The quintet Cremme has been performing professionally for five years. After meeting in the West Valley Symphony, the group has been recognized as one of the musical groups of its kind in the state. They have been featured performers for a variety of concerts and events including the state legislature dinner and at weddings around Utah. The group took its name from the first letter of all the performers’ names: the Carter Van Noy, Ryan Larsen, Eric Kartchner, Mike Fugal and Mike Vreeland Ensemble.

Shaun Davis
Shaun Davis has been performing both the trumpet and French horn with symphonies and orchestras for more than a decade. After graduating from Ashland University and performing with its symphony he moved to Utah to pursue a technology career. However, since arriving in Utah he has performed with, and helped, direct a variety of groups including the Davis County Symphony and the Ogden Concert Band.

Terrell Wickham
All of Terrell Wickham’s performances have a common theme.  All of her life and music reflect the love for life and others that she feels. The venue of performance does not matter to her as much as the passion and feeling that she puts into her music. She is available for weddings, back-up and lead vocals, and she is also a professional life coach.

Gary Stoddard
Most artists would feel content mastering one medium. But Gary Stoddard has been passionate about all different types of artful expression. He has studied visual arts, music and the theater since a young age. He is in a band called Slickrock Gypsies. His paintings can be seen at galleries throughout the Intermountain West, and he created four murals for the Marriott hotel chain. He also recently directed a musical called Whatever You Imagine, which was performed at the Rose Wagner Center in Salt Lake City.

Reception Performance
The wedding reception was bumping with the great mixes from DJ Pauly and performances from Belly Dancing by Thia. But one of the highlights was the performance of Single Ladies by Loleni Nu’usila (with Premier Productions), Craig Clifford and Torrence Wimbish. Premier Productions has been helping train young Utahns in dance and vocals since 2004. The team at Premier Productions prides itself on sharing high-quality singing and dance performances.

The costumes were generously provided by Spark. The cutting edge clothing outlet focuses on European fashion and has one of the largest collections of designer underwear in the state.


Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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