Gay men’s yoga returns

Gay men’s yoga is back in Salt Lake City by popular demand. After only a few sessions, the attendance of this free yoga class has reached about 20 people, said Josh Newberry the HIV-prevention specialist at the Utah AIDS Foundation.

“Yoga has a variety of health benefits. It will help you stay limber, relieve aches and pains and manage stress. If you take an hour out of your day, it will provide multiple mental and physical health benefits,” Newberry said.

The group meets every other Thursday in the Salt Lake City downtown library and is free. It is co-sponsored by City Center Yoga, and is taught by a professional instructor.

“The class is for all gay men, regardless of their ability or experience with yoga,” Newberry said.

In addition to providing all the mental and physical health benefits, gay men’s yoga provides a safe and welcoming social environment for gay men. Many people begin with attending gay men’s yoga and get introduced to other activities and events sponsored by the UAF, Newberry said.

The UAF has a variety of health programs for gay men.

“I think it’s a mistake to think that HIV is the only health issue gay men are facing,” Newberry said. “We are trying to take a more holistic approach to men’s health.”

In addition to the HIV and STD testing, the UAF has a Facebook forum where people can ask anonymous questions about metal health, HIV and other similar concerns.

And on Wednesday night, Adam Moore will answer physical health questions in the blog, Working Out Wednesdays.

“If you want to know answers to questions like, can I get a six-pack by summer, the blog is the perfect outlet,” Newberry said.

All the programs offered are part of the gay men’s health project initiative offered by the UAF. Other initiatives include a new newsletter called The Champ, and a social group called Gays and Geeks.

For more information go to the Gay Men’s Health Project on Facebook.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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