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Many people do hundreds of sit-ups and wonder why they still have belly fat and no six-pack. The answer to this question is simple, but many of us don’t want to believe it.

There is no way to target weight loss to a specific area of the body because your body decides where it wants to put on weight and where it wants to take it off. It’s useless to perform hundreds and hundreds of crunches if there is a huge layer of fat on top covering up these muscles. It is also virtually impossible to achieve great abs development with exercise alone. So let’s focus on attacking the fat with all the tools we have in our toolbox: weight training, cardiovascular exercise, proper nutrition and improved body composition.

The first place to start when you set out to improve your body composition is proper nutrition.  Some of the no-brainer foods to give up when trying losing fat are: sweets, sodas (even diet) and refined grains. Get rid of breakfast foods like sugared cereal, Pop Tarts, high sugar granola and every cookie, cake, donut and potato chip.

These foods are painfully processed and will spike your insulin mercilessly, forcing the body to store the sugar as fat.  Some of us also need to remember that alcohol does the same thing.

Some foods help maintain constant blood-sugar levels; others can help with cravings; and still others help burn fat by affecting hormones. Do your best to eat from the following list of foods:

Chicken breasts, ground bison, egg whites, whey protein powder, turkey breast, lean ground turkey, white fish, wild Alaskan salmon, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, bell peppers, green beans, kale, collard greens, chard, berries, apples, old-fashioned oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice, low fat yogurt, raw almonds, natural peanut butter or almond butter (limit to two tablespoons per serving), chunky salsa, green tea, unsweetened cocoa, and water.

Use a food journal every day to keep track of what you eat including the total carbohydrates, fat, protein grams and total caloric intake.

The second place to start changing your body composition is with resistance training.

Every pound of muscle you build burns an additional 50 calories. Adding 10 pounds of muscle will burn 500 calories a day which equals 3,500 calories a week. Thirty-five hundred calories is equal to one pound of fat.  It only takes two calories a day to maintain one pound of fat. Therefore, we want to take away the fat and add muscle so that you become a fat-burning machine. Think of your body like a car engine: The bigger the engine, the more fuel it takes to keep that motor running. Once you have the engine burning, it is burning fuel for you all the time — while you go about your daily activities and while you sleep.

Fitness guru Steve Walker

While staying active and participating in sports and outdoors activities is a popular pastime for some, it is more than a pastime for Steve Walker. While working in a gym seemed like a perfect fit for Walker because he is so involved with fitness, he said helping others improve their lives is what really drives him.

“I realized that helping other people was a worthwhile pursuit,” Walker said. “I don’t think people realize how much being overweight can hurt their quality of life. And it can literally take 10 years off your lifespan.”

Walker has been involved in sports and fitness his whole life, but has been a personal trainer for more than five years. He is a certified trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and he said he focuses on helping people achieve goals in a realistic timeline. But his help is a more effective approach than simply going to the gym a few times a week, Walker said.

“Too many people think they can walk into a gym and everything will magically happen,” Walker said. “Losing weight and getting into shape is difficult. It takes a lot of work and it’s a science. You really need someone to teach you how to do it.”

His services are available for all ages and fitness levels.

“Whether it’s an athlete training in the off season or someone that needs to lose 30 pounds, I work with everyone,” Walker said.

He also offers group classes and nutrition planning For more information, complimentary consultation and workout, contact Steven Walker, National Academy of Sports Medicine certified trainer at 801-688-1918 or [email protected].

The Potato Bug

a. Rest your shins on the stability ball and stabilize yourself on your hands in a pushup position. Make sure your shoulders, hips and legs are in a straight line.
b. Draw in at your navel and pull your knees toward your chest. Hold for one or two counts.
c. Extend your legs back to the original starting position.


















a. Lay on the stability ball with it supporting the small of your back. Cross your arms.
b. Draw in the navel and rotate your hips until your back is at a 45 degree angle. Hold for two or three counts.
c. Rotate back to the starting position.


















Stability Ball Crunch


a. Lay flat with your legs and arms extended. Hold the medicine ball your hands.
b. Keep your limbs straight and lift your arms and legs simultaneously and pass the ball to your feet.
c. Bring your arms and legs back down toward the ground, but do not touch the ground with your feet. Pass the ball between your feet and hands in this fashion.



















Line Ball Toss


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