Holistic chiropractic care promoting healthy living

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Chiropractic care is about more than just back adjustments. It’s about a holistic approach to healthy living. That’s the message and philosophy that Dr. Bob Seiler has modeled his practice after.

“I don’t just work with the stresses from the physical body,” Seiler said. “I also focus on the other stresses people are dealing with such as chemical stresses and emotional stresses.”

Seiler said his practice focuses on providing extremely high-quality care with a lot of interaction between doctor and patient.

For all chiropractic practices, Seiler focuses on entire-body care. He also helps with some nutritional planning and helping people pay attention to what they are putting into their bodies.

“The care is about more than just the back, we also focus on the upper and lower extremities,” Seiler said.

After practicing holistic chiropractic care for 25 years, he has experience with all kinds of conditions. From headaches to numbness in the leg, Seiler has the knowledge and tools available to help. In addition to treating the pain, he also has four massage therapists that he recommends for his patients. He tailors to each patient’s needs.

“I want everyone to feel comfortable in my offices,” Seiler said. “Whether gay, straight or transgender, I don’t really care. I want to help everyone.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, go to DrBobSeiler.com.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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