Sanctity of Marriage

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Wife burns husband alive for not washing his feet

Shortly after being married, a couple from the Hubei province in China began fighting over some trivial matters. In order to ease tensions the newlyweds shared a bottle of liquor. However, shortly after the wife, Luo, climbed into bed she noticed her husband crawl into bed without washing his feet. Naturally, she had to start the fight again. But this time she ended it by burning down the apartment with her husband in it. She fled the scene but was later arrested by police.

Ex-cop charged in wife’s grisly murder

On March 11 a former New York City police office called the 911 dispatch to say that after a large argument, his wife had stormed out of the house and she was nowhere to be found. Five days later cops recovered the body of Eddie Coello’s wife, Tina Adovasio. Her body had been badly beaten and she had been strangled. The body was found in the woods. Despite Coello’s insistence that she ran away, investigators were already suspicious of him. He was booted from the force in 2000 for domestic abuse.

Man used divorce papers to start fire that burned down wife’s salon

Bail has been set for a 33-year-old Montana man accused of burning down his wife’s beauty salon. Prosecutors say he used divorce papers to start the blaze.

Shawn Gawronski was sitting in his truck near the burning salon, gun in hand, when police arrived at the scene. He admitted to spreading gasoline throughout the building and then using his divorce papers to start the fire.

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