Tom Clark Bio

Born in the U.S. and raised in Italy, photographer Tom Clark draws many of his inspirations from the cultural influences he has grown accustomed to seeing throughout his life.

Clark’s style of photography is unique and natural. While his portfolio and selection of works are enormous, he said he likes to photograph people who are at home in their bodies.

“I love to photograph people who feel comfortable with themselves and how they look,” Clark said. “They don’t have perfect bodies, but they are beautiful.”

One of his areas of emphasis and talent is taking nudes.

“I came of age in a world where the naked human body was a normal part of my daily life,” Clark said. “Sometimes it was an extraordinary thing, as when visiting the Sistine Chapel or looking up at David in Florence or reaching across the velvet rope to touch Paolina in the Borghese Gallery in Rome.”

Clark has a large selection of works, including a book called Pantheon: The Utah Collection 2. He also has a calendar available for purchase called Set Free. To view more samples of his work and for more information, go to TomsBodyPix.com.

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