Carmen comeback on ‘Drag Race’?

Despite a QSaltLake poll that indicated huge support for a Shangela comeback, Carmen Carrera was chosen to return to RuPaul’s Drag Race. But after creating a look that tickle the judges in the competition, she was sent packing again.

Carmen was first eliminated in episode 10 in the RuPaul-a-Palooza singing competition. The contestants had to record and then lip-synch a RuPaul original in different styles. Carmen chose a Reggae style. Her performance was lackluster at best and her outfit resembled a birthday clown. But the return of Carmen is sure to ruffle some feathers.

Her next elimination came after she failed in the challenge to put a straight athlete guest into drag. While her nearly-nude look showed off her rockin’ body, (as always), Carmen left her ‘drag sister’ out to dry. His stocky build did not match the naked and femininely sensual look Carmen had created. After a lip-synch off with Raja, Carmen was sent home again.

What do you think? Did she deserve a second chance?

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