Which Gaga song do you want to see on ‘Glee’?

In the return of the hit FOX series, Glee, on April 26 the high school choir will be doing Gaga hits, again. The episode will be a special 90-minute extravaganza and drama is sure to run high.

In the episode, “Born This Way,” Will Schuester will be teaching the kids a lesson of self-acceptance in a way only Lady Gaga could show. Quinn Fabray and Lauren Zizes will face off in a contest to become the next prom queen. And Santana will be doing her best to get back in the spotlight.

Last season, the club did Gaga in episode 20, “Theatricallity.” The hit Gaga songs “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face” were performed by the New Directions kids. This leaves some of the best songs from the Mother Monster left to sing.

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