Replacement selected for Buttars

South Jordan Republican delegates were quick to choose the replacement for outgoing Sen. Chris Buttars. The delegates selected South Jordan businessman Aaron Osmond after only two rounds of voting.

Buttars, who repeatedly placed himself in the limelight for his anti-gay and racial remarks, announced his retirement at the end of the last legislative session. Buttars served in the Senate for 10 years, just the amount of time required for him to receive health coverage from the state for the rest of his life. He has suffered from a variety of ailments, including diabetes.

Buttars was at the vote and he had earlier announced his support for his daughter, Christie Buttars Giles, who promised to keep the same governance and leadership style of her father. However, she did not make it far in the vote.

Aaron Osmond is the nephew of Donny Osmond. He has run for South Jordan mayor in the past and he is the CEO of Real Estate Investors Education.

Seth Bracken

Seth Bracken is the editor of QSaltLake

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