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Husband gets 18 years for bathtub shooting of wife

A New York man was sentenced to 18 years in prison for the attempted murder of his wife. He shot her four times as she sat in a bathtub.

Cecil Torrence III pleaded guilty to shooting his wife because he said she was having an affair. The couple argued about text messages she had received when he pulled out a gun and shot her repeatedly. He fled the house with their 2-year-old daughter.

Lisa Torrence crawled from the house and called for help. When police arrived on the scene she was collapsed naked in the snow. She made a full recovery.

Judge accused of assaulting wife

The wife of a judge in Virginia said she was knocked down and injured by her husband during a domestic assault.

Rachel Glick said her husband, James Glick, threw her to the ground and caused a concussion. She was treated at a local emergency room.

However, James filed a complaint within an hour of the alleged incident and obtained a protection order against his wife. He said that his wife became suddenly enraged and attacked him. Both have been charged with misdemeanor domestic assault.

Man in prison for seeking wife’s murder tries again to kill her

A Michigan man in prison for trying to have his wife killed was caught arranging her murder for a second time. David Albers, 54, is serving nine to 30 years for a 2009 conviction. He said he was in prison when a friend told him he could find someone to kill his wife. The hit man turned out to be a state trooper.

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