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SNAP: Glenn Beck’s Fox show ending

Glenn Beck will end his Fox News Channel talk show, which has plummeted in the ratings and suffered from an advertiser boycott. He said he will stay in business creating other projects for Fox television and some documentaries. Beck was hosting the third most popular news talk show and he is a Tea Party darling. He hosted a rally that drew thousands to the National Mall in Washington. But his tendency to speak about conspiracies and his insistence that Obama is a racist led to an advertiser boycott. More than 400 Fox advertisers told the company they would not allow their advertisements run during Beck’s news show. He will continue his daily talk radio show.

SNAP: First gay man uncovered?

Archeologists have uncovered what they believe is a homosexual caveman. The man’s remains date back to 2900-2500 B.C. and were found outside of Prague. The men in that culture were typically buried lying on their right side facing west and surrounded by weapons. This caveman was found facing east and surrounded by jugs, a burial exclusively for women. Archeologists believe he was either homosexual or transsexual.

SLAP: Colorado civil unions bill killed in House

After hours of emotional debate in the House Judiciary Committee the bill that would have legalized civil unions in Colorado was killed. The bill, which was approved by the Senate would have allowed gay couples to enter into legally recognized partnerships that would have given them many of the same rights that are currently reserved for married couples.

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