Salt Lake County GOP votes down redefinition of sex

Delegates to the Salt Lake County Republican Organizing Convention have voted down a proposed platform amendment to limit sex to a husband and wife.

Delegate John David Baxter of Salt Lake City’s Avenues neighborhood proposed the amendment to the existing Family Values platform of the party (changes in bold):

We recognize the traditional family as the fundamental unit of society. We agree with the Utah State Constitution, Article 2, Section 29, where it affirms that “Marriage consists only of the legal union between a man and a woman.” We further recognize that the God given sexual power is to be used only between a husband and wife”. We affirm that parents have the fundamental right and primary responsibility to direct the upbringing of their children and to provide nurturing care, discipline and training in traditional moral values.

Delegates voted against all platform amendments at the convention, but voted to urge a repeal of HB 116, the Utah Guest Worker bill passed in the last Utah State Legislative Session.

Michael Aaron

Michael Aaron is the editor and publisher of QSaltLake. He has been active in Utah's gay and lesbian community since the early 80s and published two publications then and in the 90s.

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